Pippa Mackie & Jay Clift 

Photo: Jonathan Dy and Oshy Parasol

Staircase Theatre presents the Canadian premiere of Peter Sinn Nachtrieb’s wickedly funny play, Hunter Gatherers.  Directed by Vancouver theatre veteran Ryan Gladstone, Hunter Gatherers is a darkly comic evening where the line between the civilized and the primal is blurred and where not everyone will survive long enough to enjoy the brownies for dessert.  Hunter Gatherers stars Jessie Award winning actors Jay Clift & Peter Carlone, as well as Jessie –Award nominee Pippa Mackie and Maryanne Renzetti. The show is Fight Directed by Mike Kovac and designed by Sarah Melo and Jessie-Award winner Carolyn Rapanos


Lord of the Flies meets Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe in this sexy, meaty farce.  Timid, homemaker Pam and macho hubby Richard prepare the ultimate fresh, bloody feast for their childhood pals, unfulfilled and quick-witted Wendy and her husband, the brow-beaten Tom.  Now in their mid-30’s, they have grown apart over the years but they reunite annually — this time, with an orgy of devolution.  Sex, horror and hilarity mix in Hunter Gatherers- the ideal antidote to the sterility of modern civilization.


October 29 - November 15, 2014

Havana Theatre

1212 Commercial Dr.



"With abundant irony and well-turned barbs, Nachtrieb's sharply crafted dialogue follows in Edward Albee's footsteps, peeling away layers of well-mannered repression and hypocrisy as the foursome succumb to their basest impulses."  Philip Brandes, LA Times

"Nachtrieb's bitingly hilarious black comedy spares neither savages nor saints as a polite dinner party devolves into an orgy of pent-up rage, sex and bloodshed."  Philip Brandes, LA Times

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