Oh the Humanity! & Other Good Intentions

By Will Eno


Firehall Arts Centre

280 E Cordova 


Friday, Sept 11, 8:30pm 

Saturday, Sept 12, 12pm (half-price show!)

Sunday, Sept 13, 6pm

Monday, Sept 14, 5pm 

Tuesday, Sept 15, 10:30pm

Wednesday, Sept 16, 9pm 









Vancouver Fringe: Staircase Theatre presents the remount of their wildly successful 2010 hit, Oh The Humanity! & Other Good Intentions by Will Eno, directed by Brian Cochrane, featuring Maryanne RenzettiBrad Duffy and Tom Pickett, Stage Managed by Lois Dawson with Lighting and Sound Design by Stephen Bulat. A masterfully witty script, Oh The Humanity! & Other Good Intentions examines the nature of human misery through a filter of jet black comedy. It is sure to hit you where it hurts - right in the humanity. 


From multiple-award winning playwright Will Eno, comes Oh The Humanity! & Other Good Intentions, a series of 5 short plays about people trying to cope with the basic trial of being human among other humans. Two actors craft four characters each, including a coach who calls a press conference to explain why his team has lost every game in the season, a video dating service promoting two people that have nothing better to recommend themselves than the fact that they are not visibly bleeding, a pair of photographers attempting to re-shoot a graphic war time photo without the original source material, a couple attempting to attend a funeral, or possibly a christening, no, a funeral, with poor results, an airline representative explaining to the families of crash victims what happened to the best of her abilities – despite the fact she lucked, or rather unlucked, her way into the job.


“Mr. Eno’s unmistakable voice — aggressively stylized, unendingly compassionate, flecked with weird, bleak humor — rings out with arresting originality in this hour-long evening of playfully profound theater.”

-Charles Isherwood, New York Times


“These plays will make you laugh, make you feel, and remind you that 'we should learn to look at each other harder.' A gem.” -Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight