Straight: Peter Carlone chats with Colin Thomas

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Our very own Peter Carlone sits down with Colin Thomas of the Georgia Straight to discuss Hunter Gatherers and status ( both his own and that of his character, Tom). Warning: Spoiler alert!

Peter n’ Chris star Peter Carlone goes savage in Hunter Gatherers

By Colin Thomas

AT 29, ACTOR and writer Peter Carlone has already enjoyed a lot of success. But he feels that he is sometimes dismissed as a beta male, as a man who doesn’t assert his dominance all the time.

Carlone is playing Tom in Staircase Theatre’s Canadian premiere ofHunter Gatherers. In Peter Sinn Nachtrieb’s outrageous comic script, two couples come together for a dinner party to celebrate the 17th anniversary of their high-school prom. But the layers of civilization soon start to burn away as the characters engage in acts of animal sacrifice, violence, and sex. Read more:

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