"An absolute must see"

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"In my opinion, this show is an absolute must see. The clarity and depth that these actors achieve in their storytelling are a true testament to their skill and talent as well-trained, polished actors. Keep these guys on your radar and run to see this show before word gets around and tickets sell out."


Tracey Beltrano

One Good Marriage, written by Toronto playwright Sean Reycraft, was the winner of NOW Magazine’s award for Outstanding New Play at the 2002 Summerworks Festival. So I was very eager to check out Staircase Theatre’s production at the 2015 Toronto Fringe Festival and am I ever glad I did.

Becky Shrimpton and Matthew Gin are absolute top-notch performers. The show relies on a lot of overlapping dialogue between the two of them and they nailed it. They had this amazing ability to go on a run of thoughts interconnected by overlapping dialogue and differing opinions. They managed to hold the audience in the palm of their hands while taking us on their emotional journey. The moments of comedy and tragedy wove their way in and out and I was fully along for the ride.

What I really loved, was how--read the rest here.

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