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We want to delve into stories of parenthood


It’s a rocky road around, to, and through the land of parenthood and we want want to hear your stories of happy accidents, lost hope, trial and triumph, choosing a path other than parenthood and lastly, stories of the tiny dictators themselves. 


Staircase Theatre endeavours to celebrate local playwrights, and be instrumental in the development of new work, and with enthusiasm and care, we will engage artists of diverse ages, orientations, ethnicities, abilities and genders.


Our FIFTH Movin' On Up will be held on June 22, 2019 at CBC Studio 700! We are now accepting submissions of play ideas as well as full, one act plays that are intelligent, dialogue-driven and especially raucous. Each play will receive two eight hour workshop days with an emerging dramaturg, a rehearsal and a staged reading on the big day. Compensation will be a guaranteed box office split and grant dependent. Do you have a play, half-written on the back burner that you can’t wait to see on stage? We want to read it! Submit! Don't be shy! Ready?


We want everyone to send us a cover letter. Tell us how this play aligns with the theme and our mission and a short bio that includes your previous writing experience.


If you have a play idea send us the following

  • a one page summary demonstrating your clear, well laid out story.

  • a character breakdown 

  • a 10 page sample of this play (it doesn’t have to be the first 10 pages!)


If you have a first (or second) draft of a full length one act, send us the following

  • a one page summary

  • a character breakdown

  • The whole play!


Important things to think about! The Staircase Theatre co-artistic directors are right in the thick of it and have 5 kids split between. We'd love to read something that will make us laugh-cry in recognition and commiseration. Also, we’re a small company with limited means and we aim to pay our artists (including you!). Small casts are a must, so four characters or under is the deal. We’ll be reading two separate scripts and want to keep the night flowing nicely. Each playwright will be given 70 minutes to read whole or part of their play. 


Email your submission to

Subject line: Movin’ On Up Submission, [play title]. 

Send everything in a PDF, please!